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Nits, a band renowned in the Dutch pop scene, brings a unique and artistic sound to vinyl. Albums like "In the Dutch Mountains" and "Henk" showcase their innovative approach to music, blending pop with experimental elements. The vinyl format highlights the band's quirky and imaginative style, making their records a delightful exploration of Dutch pop. For fans who appreciate music that combines catchy melodies with artistic depth, Nits' vinyl collection is a fascinating journey through their creative evolution.

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  • Hotel Europa

    The Nits are a Dutch art-pop-rock group, founded in 1974 in Amsterdam. Their musical style has varied over the years, as has their line-up, but the...

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  • Tree House Fire

    NITS are one of the most persistent, restless and at the same time most creative pop bands in Europe. Always uncompromising and innovative, the NITS know...

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