New Music On Vinyl Releases In April

We're delighted to release another batch of vinyl gems this month.

Dear Music on Vinyl fans, thanks for all the feedback we've received over the last 6 months. With roughly 100 releases under our belt, we're confident to keep the monthly releases flowing!

Another batch of classic albums from the Sony catalogue and a new installment in our Golden Earring re-issue Series, courtesy of Red Bullet Productions.

For aficionados of classic Dutch rock albums we added the debut album of Herman Brood & His Wild Romance - "Street" to this month's release. Other releases vary in genre from dance (Leftfield) and prog-rock (Pavlov's Dog) to soul (Earth Wind & Fire).

To top things: we conclude the series of Jeff Buckley's studio work with the 3LP release of "Sketches for my Sweetheart The Drunk".

As always, all Music On Vinyl releases are pressed on high quality audiophile 180 gram vinyl and can be purchased in your (online) recordstore.

Herman Brood And His Wild Romance Street 1LP MOVLP089
Leftfield Rhythm and Stealth 2LP MOVLP098
Earth Wind & Fire I Am 1LP MOVLP092
Pavlovs Dog Pampered MenialĀ  1LP MOVLP093
Jeff Buckley Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk 3LP MOVLP061
Golden Earring Prisoner Of The Night 1LP MOVLP049