Where words fail, music speaks, a quote that has been well proven by our following releases.

Starting this week with Tim Dog and his true hard-core hip hop classic Penicillin On Wax. Strong and explicit lyrics definitely marked his repertoire, but the energetic beat speaks more than a hundred words. The first pressing is limited on transparent green and black vinyl!

Our next album is Come Clean by the postgrunge rockband Puddle Of Mudd. Never released on vinyl before, the first pressing will be limited to only 1.000 copies and is available on clear vinyl.

Every song of Bill Withers speaks for itself, especially on his unique album Making Music. This true classic is smoother than his previous work, with a warm sound that can't be beat.

When asking what the most controversial album of Miles Davis would be; Jack Johnson would be on most experts' list. In 1970 Davis took a radical turn and experimented with rock and funk that defies categorisation. Iggy Pop once bought both Sketches of Spain and Jack Johnson, quoting "One tears me apart and the other puts me back together."

The next album in the 'Classic Soundtrack Series' by Ennio Morricone is the score of the war/drama film Casualties Of War. The captivating music was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. As usual in the series, this edition is limited to only 1.000 copies on crystal clear vinyl!

Over to the next At The Movies releases for this week. First is the exclusive edition of the Better Call Saul score album pressed on red vinyl limited to only 1.000 copies! Containing original music of the first two seasons, composed by Dave Porter (also known from composing Breaking Bad). The D-side is an outstanding "certified" etched replica of Jimmy McGill's law degree.

The Vinyl Emergency interviewed Dave Porter on writing his haunting Better Call Saul score. Listen to the podcast via iTunes, SoundCloud or your preferred podcast app:

Last but not least is the next album in our Henry Mancini series; the wonderful album Arabesque. The music was written to serve a film about international intrigue. The moods vary from exotic to whimsical, including jazzy, rhythmic compositions and, to what can be described as, spy music. A special limited edition of Arabesque is available on green vinyl.

Enjoy your weekend.

All the best,

Music On Vinyl

Henry Mancini composed and conducted the score for the 1966 film Arabesque, starring Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. The soundtrack album contains nine instrumental pieces, including "The Zoo Chase" in three parts and a vocal version of "We've Loved Before" performed by a mixed chorus.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • PVC protective sleeve
  • Music composed by Henry Mancini
  • First pressing of 500 individually numbered copies on Green vinyl
There can be no doubt that Penicillin On Wax by Tim Dog remains one of the true hard-core Hip Hop classics and one of many landmarks in sounds from the Bronx. Produced by probably the best Hop Hip producers of the early 90s, the Ultramagnetic MC's, this album contains some of the most energetic tracks you'll ever hear. Guest appearances on the mic from Kool Keith and Ced-Gee also enhance the LP.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes insert
  • Now pressed on double vinyl
  • Includes the controversial diss tracks "Fuck Compton", "Step To Me" and "Goin' Wild In The Penile"
  • First pressing of 1.000 numbered copies on Transparent Green with Black mixed vinyl

Steven Spielberg said to Columbia Pictures executive Dawn Steel, "You'll be thinking about this for a week." Quentin Tarantino has hailed the film as "the greatest film about the Vietnam War."

Morricone's score was nominated for a Golden Globe.

  • Includes insert
  • Film featuring Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn
  • Golden Globe Nomination for Best Original Score
  • Limited edition of 1.000 numbered copies on transparent vinyl
Come Clean is the the highly succesfull major-label debut and second studio album by the American rock band Puddle of Mudd. Originally released in 2001, the album's music was responsible for breaking Puddle of Mudd into the mainstream music scene.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes 4 page insert with song lyrics and credits
  • Featuring the hits "Blurry", "She Hates Me" and "Control"

Dave Porter, the composer of the score, has also written the opening theme and complete score of Breaking Bad. For his work on Breaking Bad, Porter has won an ASCAP Award. The Better Call Saul score features songs from the first and second series. The package contains 2 printed inner sleeves with images of Jimmy, Nacho and Mike. It also contains an exclusive 4-page booklet with additional pictures and liner notes. The etch on the D-side is a "certified" replica of Jimmy McGill's law degree he received at the University of American Samoa.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl / PVC protective sleeve
  • Gatefold sleeve / Includes 4 page booklet
  • Including 2 printed innersleeves
  • Score by Dave Porter
  • Etched D-side with "certified" replica of Jimmy's Law Degree
  • Secret inscriptions in run out groove
  • Score of Multiple Award Winning Spin off of Breaking Bad
Containing only two tracks, the album was assembled out of no less than four recording sessions between February and June in 1970, and was produced by Teo Macero. By any measure, Jack Johnson is a monster album.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Remastered Audio
  • The most controversial and mysterious album by Miles Davis