Joe Jackson, Madball, Signal Red, Molly's Game and The Post.

Step into our music machine
Step into our music machine

We got some pretty nice releases for you this week, including two totally different soundtracks. But we start this newsletter with the double LP Live 1980/86 by the English musician Joe Jackson. The album effectively follows the development of a career full of highlights and big album sellers. Joe's live performances became better and better and his skills as a singer-songwriter more fascinating. The double LP includes his best songs, like the wonderful "Real Men" and the marching sounds of "Steppin' Out". His first single "Is She Really Going Out with Him?" is the main track on the album, coming in three different versions. The double album, original released in 1988, celebrates its 30th Anniversary and the records are housed in 2 printed inner sleeves.

As the hardcore punk of the band Agnostic Front started to show off, frontman Roger Miret decided to form a side project, called Madball. They released their debut album Set It Off in 1994 as a document of the hardcore music they were making by that time. The brutal and groovy album is heavy with ongoing guitar riffs, but also subtle while focusing on the drum beats. Madball created a lot of feedback through their guitars and they created a sound which support the doomy atmosphere of the music. The album is available as a limited edition of 1500 individually numbered copies pressed on transparent red vinyl.

The brand new band Signal Red features two very respected musicians, namely guitarist Steve Grocott (Ten) and Vocalist Lee Small (Phenomena / Shy / Lionheart). After the start of their collaboration in 2013 they progressed their ideas into a fantastic recoding. With the soulful voice of Lee and the exciting guitar pieces by Grocott they created their album Under the Radar. When they're focusing on their ability to bursting out of living under the radar their rocking sound will be heard all over the place. The limited first pressing of 500 individually numbered copies is available on red vinyl. Under the Radar got a etch on the D side of the album.

The first of our two soundtrack releases is the one Daniel Pemberton composed for the crime drama movie Molly's Game. It's pure quality time listening to the funky and melodic electronic pieces he created for the storyline. The positive vibe of the soundtrack makes it a relaxing composition. Pemberton is building structured rhythms based on what's happening in every scene, making it an engaging score. The limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies is pressed on pink vinyl.

The music for the highly recommended and Oscar + Golden Globe nominated thrilling drama The Post is the other soundtrack release of the week. The music is composed by the one and only John Williams, the successful and much accomplished musician. It's an unexpected blend of his traditional trademark sound and electronic motifs. The rich score got a dark tone and reaches out for the atmosphere of the movie. There are even quiet piano pieces which are bursting of energy and melody. Williams shows another side of his composing skills, consisting of intelligent music pieces. The Post is pressed on white vinyl and the limited edition of 1.000 individually numbered copies contains a 4-page booklet with pictures and liner notes.

Molly's Game is a 2017 American crime drama film written and directed by Aaron Sorkin. The score is written and produced by Daniel Pemberton, an English Ivor Novello Award-winning, Golden Globe Award and multi BAFTA Award-nominated composer. Molly's Game is pressed on pink vinyl. This is a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Gatefold sleeve
  • Score by Daniel Pemberton (Man From U.N.C.L.E.)
  • PVC protective sleeve
  • 2017 blockbuster movie featuring Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba & Kevin Costner
  • Golden Globe nomination and multiple Award winning movie
  • First pressing of 500 numbered copies on pink vinyl
The American hardcore punk band Agnostic Front formed the side project Madball in the late 80's, when front man Roger Miret let his brother Freddy Cricien perform the lead vocals. The vinyl release of Set It Off is available as a limited edition of 1500 numbered copies. The album is pressed on 180- gram transparent red vinyl.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes Insert
  • Limited Edition of 1500 numbered copies on Transparent Red vinyl

Joe Jackson is an English musician, singer-songwriter who scored a major hit in 1979 with his first release "Is She Really Going Out With Him". The Live 1980/86 double album, original released in 1988, celebrates it's 30th Anniversary in 2018 and the 180 gram records are housed in 2 printed inner sleeves.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • 6mm sleeve
  • Includes 2 printed inner sleeves
  • 30th Anniversary edition featuring new live versions of "Is She Really Going Out With Him"? and many more hits