Fishbone, Alanis Morissette, The Headhunters, Vertical Horizon and Acda en De Munnik

The Flavors of Music

We're back on track with some exciting new releases. From the east coast of the USA we got the longstanding alternative rock band Fishbone with their second album Truth and Soul. The album features a wide range of genres, such as ska, funk, blues, punk and rock. Their refreshing music is to be found in songs like "Ma and Pa", "One Day" and the Curtis Mayfield cover "Freddie's Dead". To celebrate the 30th birthday of the album the vinyl version comes with the original insert including lyrics and liner notes.

She became famous with her accessible music during the 90's, but after Alanis Morissette's break-up with actor Ryan Reynolds she made a very personal and intelligent album, named Flavors Of Entanglement. The Queen of alt-rock angst, as she was once called, puts the focus in the music not only on her heartbreak, but also on her anger. With the variety of music in the different musical layers she gets the attention she deserves. Tracks like "Citizen of the Planet" and "Versions of Violence" gives you an indication of the way in which she progressed as a musician. The vinyl edition includes a 4 page booklet with information about the songs. Just stay tuned at our channels for more releases by Morissette.

The jazz legend Herbie Hancock was once active in the American fusion band The HeadhuntersTheir second album Straight from the Gate features seven musicians and the music of the album is a blend of funk, African music, R&B and, of course, jazz. They pioneered in the use of electronic instruments, like the synthesizers and instruments made by ARP. The complex melodies gives the rhythm for the nine tracks that make up the album. With the album they made their mark on the "serious" jazz scene.

Another band formed in the United States is the alternative rock sensation Vertical Horizon. Known for the massive 1991 hit Everything You Want, after which they spread their territory on the album of the same name towards a sound that is influenced by the grunge music. Everything You Want is a fine combination between the anthemic guitar hooked songs and the steady ballads. It's their most successful effort and on the album they're dealing with subjects like the ending of relationships and depression. The limited edition of 750 copies individually numbered copies on transparent vinyl contains their hits "You're a God" and "Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)".

For our Dutch fans we'll take a journey back in time to the first album of the cabaret duo Acda en De MunnikThe self-titled album became a big success and it introduced us to one of their main characters, called Herman. It's mostly about the sunny side of life, with songs about love, the beach, youth and life itself. Acda en De Munnik includes songs like "Lopen Tot de Zon Komt", "Als het Vuur Gedoofd Is" and "Mooi Liedje". The album is available as a limited edition of 500 individually numbered copies on orange mixed with red vinyl and including an insert with pictures and lyrics.


The successful Canadian singer-songwriter Alanis Morissette released her seventh studio album Flavors Of Entanglement in 2008. The vinyl edition includes a 4 page booklet.



21 jaar na het verschijnen van het album, is Acda & De Munnik nu voor het eerst verkrijgbaar op vinyl. De LP bevat een insert met foto's en songteksten.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Inclusief insert met songteksten
  • Met o.a. “Mooi Liedje", "Als Het Vuur Gedoofd Is", "Vondelpark Vannacht", "Henk" & "Als Je Bij Me Weggaat"
  • Gelimiteerde editie van 1000 individueel genummerde exemplaren op "Vondelpark" groen vinyl

Truth and Soul is their second studio album by alternative rock band Fishbone, originally released in 1988. The album features a wide array of genres including punk, ska, reggae, soul, funk, elements of hard rock and blues. Truth and Soul contains a cover version of Curtis Mayfield's "Freddie's Dead", originally from the soundtrack to the film Super Fly and it is the first single of the album.


  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes insert
  • Featuring "Bonin' In The Boneyard", "Freddie's Dead", "Ma and Pa" & "Change" a.o.
  • 35th Anniversary edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on translucent red coloured vinyl