MOV Releases in May: hitting the 100+ number and beyond!

Yes, it's a fact, we're about to release the 100th Music On Vinyl release, just 8 months after our first batch of LP's in October 2009.

We realize it's been a whole bunch of releases in a short time, so if you didn't get a chance to check out all the albums we released so far, feel free to browse our alphabetically arranged catalogue.
And keep those suggestions coming! We file each and every one of them. Some have already been rewarded with an actual release and there's a lot more where that came from!

The last week of May we'll put out a motley crew of LP's! MOVLP 100 is a first-time 2LP edition of Kings of Leon's debut LP "Youth & Young Manhood", containing a bonus track that previously was only available on CD 'Talihina Sky'.

Lovers of 70's songwriters and acoustics will be served with 3 slices of The Byrds 'Untitled/Unissued' and the late Dennis Wilson's first and only solo album 'Pacific Ocean Blue'.

We turn things up a notch or two with the definitive version of Iggy Pop & The Stooges' "Raw Power". For the first time ever, we bring you the 2010 remastered edition of the original 1973 mix combined with Iggy's own Revamped version of that milestone album. That's a double sonic whammy for your ears, combined with a 16-page full color booklet with rare pics & quotes by Iggy & co.

Some Dutch Vinyl Masters have been added to the schedule this month: Herman Brood's sophomore album, containing the international hit 'Saturday Night' and The Nits' 1987 album "In the Dutch Mountains" containing 3 bonus tracks and a beautiful etching on 1 side of the vinyl. Golden Earring fans will probably be expecting another Music on Vinyl release, this month it's the "2nd Live" album.

To add to those, we're very proud to bring you the remastered edition of The Urban Dance Squad's debut "Mental Floss For The Globe"; lauded by musical peers Rage Against The Machine and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, this Rap-meets-Rock crew was way ahead of their time and deserving of an audiophile treatment!

Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac fans will not be disappointed with our 'Greatest Hits' in gatefold sleeve. The original Mac, bluesy and raw!

We're proud to present a brand-new release by the likes of Turin Brakes; Their latest album "Outbursts" and the accompanying booklet (full of outbursts of nature, including a volcano, the only one missing is an ash-cloud!) is definitely an aural and visual treat!

And for all you dance-freaks: Fatboy Slim's 'You've come a long way, Baby", with smash-hit 'The Rockafeller Skank' is added to the release for your pleasure!

MOVLP054 Golden Earring 2nd Live 2 LP
MOVLP070 Iggy & The Stooges Raw Power (Remastered) 2 LP
MOVLP090 Herman Brood & His Wild Romance Shpritsz 1 LP
MOVLP094 Nits In The Dutch Mountains 2 LP
MOVLP096 Dennis Wilson Pacific Ocean Blue 1 LP
MOVLP097 Urban Dance Squad Mental Floss For The Globe 1 LP
MOVLP099 Fatboy Slim You've Come A Long Way Baby 2 LP
MOVLP100 Kings Of Leon Youth And Young Manhood 2 LP
MOVLP102 Aerosmith Nine Lives 2 LP
MOVLP103 Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits 1 LP
MOVLP108 Turin Brakes Outbursts 1 LP
MOVLP381 Byrds (Untitled)/(unissued) 3 LP