We're excited to announce a series of 6 Korn albums in limited coloured editions!
All Korn reissues will be celebrated with a first pressing on coloured vinyl. As you might expect from us, we're pressing them all on 180g audiophile vinyl. The following Korn albums have been released late 2014 until spring 2015.

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Korn - Korn

[MOVLP1157] 2LP (pictured above)
Their 1994 Platinum debut includes a 6-page booklet. First pressing on red flamed vinyl (sold out, available on black vinyl)
Releasedate 04.08.14.Also available on black vinyl.

Korn - life Is pEachy
Life Is Peachy [MOVLP066] 1LP
With "No Place To Hide" and "A.D.I.D.A.S.". First pressing on transparent vinyl.
Releasedate 30.03.2015.Also available on black vinyl.

Korn - follow the leader
Follow The Leader [MOVLP667] 2LP
Including the massive hit "Freak On A Leash". First pressing on gold coloured vinyl.
Releasedate 15.09.14. Also available on black vinyl.

Korn - Issues
Issues [MOVLP109] 2LP
With the hit "Falling Away From Me" and "Make Me Bad". First pressing on orange flamed vinyl.
Releasedate 13.04.15. Also available on black vinyl.

Korn - Untouchables
Untouchables [MOVLP1165] 2LP
Including the Grammy Award winning song "Here To Stay". First pressing on bronze coloured vinyl.
Releasedate 19.01.2015.Also available on black vinyl.

Korn - Take a Look In the Mirror
Take A Look In The Mirror [MOVLP1159] 2LP
Korn return to their roots. First pressing on silver coloured vinyl.
Releasedate 08.12.14.Also available on black vinyl.