Exciting titles, legendary artists!

Earlier this week we revealed details of all our brand new albums due for release this month. Here are the first two of these latest releases, including an intimate and tender Leonard Cohen album.

Available from 14 May 2012.


The indestructible members of Golden Earring have been the leaders of the Dutch Pop scene for the past 50 years and, to prove it, they're releasing their 31st studio album; their first in almost nine years. This oldest and most established Rock band in Holland decided not to rest on their laurels, but instead dived back into the studio to record an all-new album: 'Tits 'n Ass' is the result. Their first single "Still Got The Keys To My First Cadillac" proves they still have what it takes! Packaged in a beautiful gatefold sleeve, the first 1000 copies are numbered and pressed onto silver marbled vinyl.

Make sure to be quick to reserve your copy, the shops took the complete run out of our hands on pre-sale!
The 2nd re-press will be available on black vinyl.


With an impressive career already spanning over six decades and, with more than 200 albums under his belt, the rebel of Country music Willie Nelson has done more than enough to claim his place in the history of music. His new album 'Heroes' is a testament to his status: a beautiful collection of popular pop-country songs, covers of classic songs from the 30's & 40's and new songs. He also gives us his interpretation of more modern classics: Coldplay's "The Scientist" and Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe" are both given the inimitable Willie Nelson treatment.

This record features guest appearances from amongst others: Kris Kristofferson, Merle Haggard, Snoop Dogg & Sheryl Crow.


Leonard Cohen, the most elegant Canadian bard, whispers his way through his 2004 album 'Dear Heather' like a poet quietly musing over his life and loves. 'Dear Heather' is an intimate album that celebrates lost loves and friendships instead of mourning them, presenting an introspective look on life from a ripe old age.

Music On Vinyl is releasing this quietly powerful album on vinyl, now including an insert for the first time ever so you can fully appreciate the lyrics in time for his European tour later this year!