Belgium is pretty famous for its export products: waffles, chocolate, comics, fries and fashion. But you might state they're most renowned for their huge collection of Beers and the big musical influence this small country has had over the years.

The 'Brewed in Belgium' campaign of Music On Vinyl will focus on some of the biggest classic albums the country has ever produced.

The Vedett: K's Choice, the debut of brother & sister Bettens. In the nineties they toured as a support act for Morissette a.o. and have received multiple golden & platinum records.

The exotic Palm of this batch: Vaya Con Dios, one of Belgium's most successful bands. They had huge hits all over the globe with their warm sound. Night Owls is their biggest record to date and includes their biggest hits: 'Nah Neh Nah' and 'What's A Woman'.

The Mort Subite: Luc Van Acker's 'The Ship', which includes the culthit 'Zanna'.
A fabulous record by this former member of the very influential Revolting Cocks.

Next up is the debut 'Jonge Helden' , you might say it's the Kriek of this series: Arbeid Adelt!, another legendary electronic Belgian band formed by the well-known Marcel Vanthilt & Luc Van Acker.

The 'Duvel uit het doosje' (sorry for the non-flemish speakers, missing out on the pun) of this whole batch is the debut album by Antwerp's Zita Swoon: 'I Paint Pictures In A Wedding Dress', which includes their hitsingle 'My Bond With You & Your Planet Disco'.

All these Grand Cru's of the Belgium music scene will be available in your favorite record store from 24 -2-2017 and have limited edition copies on coloured vinyl!
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This Belgian rock band from Antwerp formed in the mid-1990s. The band's core members are siblings Sarah Bettens (lead vocals, guitar) and Gert Bettens (guitar, keyboard, vocals).

The Great Subconscious Club is the debut album by K's chioce.

  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes insert with lyrics and credits
  • Debut album
  • Feat. the singles "Me Happy", "Breakfast", "I Smoke a Lot" & "The Ballad of Lea & Paul"
  • Brewed In Belgium
Night Owls is the second studio album by Vaya Con Dios, originally released in 1990. The album was certified platinum in several countries, including Germany, France, The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • Includes insert with lyrics and credits
  • Feat. the singles "Nah Neh Nah", "What's A Woman?" & "Night Owls"
  • Brewed In Belgium