Aretha Franklin Box Set available now on Music On Vinyl

In order to celebrate Aretha Franklin's 50th anniversary in Pop music, Music On Vinyl is releasing a double album plus a bonus 10" with some of her best recordings for Columbia Records.

The remarkable recordings in this deluxe package make a convincing case that Aretha Franklin was already royalty by the time she made her first album for Columbia Records as an 18-year-old gospel singer brimming with hope, possibility and a glimpse of glory.

Newly mastered from the original analog tapes, The Electrifying Aretha Franklin and A Bit of Soul - along with a bonus 10-inch EP - are landmark recordings from Aretha's remarkable career at Columbia.

Electrifying electrified audiences when it was released in 1962, winning Aretha top honors in DownBeat magazine's prestigious listeners' poll.
Aretha's brief output for Columbia set the stage for her ascendance as the Queen of Soul at Atlantic Records.
A Bit of Soul demonstrates how she found her voice at Columbia.

Presented for the first time in its original form, we can hear her divinely inspired soul fire, emerging interpretative grace and vocal sophistication. Indeed, we can hear the very evolution of her musical genius.

• 180 grams audiophile vinyl
• Deluxe 6mm slipcase incl. 2LP's plus 1 bonus 10" + inserts
• LTD numbered edition set (1000 copies)
•'The Electrifying' : Remastered audio
•'A Bit Of Soul': Previously unreleased album, orig. recorded in 1965

The Electrifying Aretha:

A1 You Made Me Love You (2:17)
A2 I Told You So (2:41)
A3 Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody (2:22)
A4 Nobody Like You (2:21)
A5 Exactly Like You (2:35)
A6 It's So Heartbreakin' (2:38)

B1 Rough Lover (2:45)
B2 Blue Holiday (2:52)
B3 Just For You (2:11)
B4 That Lucky Old Sun (3:18)
B5 I Surrender, Dear (2:45)
B6 Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive (2:16)


A1 Introduction To Hard Times (0:31)
A2 Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I) (Take 2) (3:08)
A3 When They Ask About You (2:59)
A4 Operation Heartbreak (2:59)

B1 I Surrender, Dear (Mono Mix) (2:46)
B2 Rough Lover (Mono Mix) (2:47)
B3 Kissin' By The Mistletoe (Mono Mix) (2:22)

A Bit Of Soul (Previously unreleased album):

A1 Follow Your Heart (2:26)
A2 Only The One You Love (2:24)
A3 One Step Ahead (2:34)
A4 Can't You Just See Me (2:03)
A5 How To Murder Your Wife (2:55)
A6 A Little Bit Of Soul (2:21)
A7 Cry Like A Baby (2:13)
A8 Her Little Heart Went To Loveland (2:34)
A9 Remember Me (2:13)
A10 Land Of Dreams (2:14)
A11 Little Miss Raggedy Ann (2:10)

The Bonus Side
B1 Deeper (2:12)
B2 I Still Can't Forget (2:55)
B3 Rose Of Washington Square (2:38)
B4 Take It Like You Give It (Mono Mix) (1:53)
B5 Follow Your Heart (Mono Mix) (2:26)
B6 Only The One You Love (Mono Mix) (2:22)
B7 One Step Ahead (Mono Mix) (2:27)
B8 How To Murder Your Wife (Mono Mix) (2:49)
B9 A Little Bit Of Soul (Mono Mix) (2:18)
B10 Cry Like A Baby (Mono Mix) (2:06)
B11 Her Little Heart Went To Loveland (Mono Mix) (2:35)