And the winner is...

After some long hours of listening, comparing and getting second opinions, all of us at the MOV headquarters and Andy & Lou of LAMB have decided on the winner of the LAMB remix contest!
The winner is a resident of the Czech Republic. His DJ / Producer name is OWER and he has shown some impressive skills with remixing the track "Heaven". His remix will be included on the D-side of the upcoming What Soundalbum reissue [MOVLP855]!

Andy and Lou had this to say on theOWERremix:"It's a beautiful reinterpretation & it flows really well structurally as a mix. The strings bring a lot of emotion to the song and the arrangement is well thought out and takes some interesting harmonic routes. We'd be proud to have this on the re-release."

Soon we'll be featuring an interview with OWER so stay tuned.


Runners up are the following remixes:


A&L:"Loolacoma is a really close second and we'd like to let them know that this is a very cool mix. We can totally imagine completely zoning out in a chill-out space to this and we love it's darkly dreamy sense of atmosphere. We also love the flipping of the vibe and melody and the use of the vocal effect and guitar riff."


A&L: "Palerider- cool uptempo summer vibe. Hands in the air Ibiza magic ;-)."

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