About Music On Vinyl

Music On Vinyl is a vinyl only record label that releases high quality 180g LP and 7" vinyl pressings of titles licensed from a wide range of record companies and artists who control their own repertoire.

These are both re-issues of classic titles, or a simultaneous vinyl release to complement a CD/DVD release, all marketed under the Music On Vinyl brand, which vinyl lovers worldwide recognize as a trusted name providing a superb LP vinyl product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At The Movies Shop FAQ

As of February 15th, 2023 we launced a new version of the At The Movies Shop: AtTheMoviesShop.com.

Orders placed via the previous version of our webshop (musiconvinyl.com/shop) will be processed as usual. Older orders will not tranferred to the new shop, so for information about your order status please refer to the confirmation email(s) you've already received.

If you have any remaining questions about the At The Movies shop or your order, please don't hesitate to contact us via service@musiconvinyl.com, or refer to the new FAQ.

General FAQ

General inquiries can be sent to info@musiconvinyl.com. Questions regarding our At The Movies shop and your order, please contact service@musiconvinyl.com.
If you would like to request certain albums that are no longer available on vinyl (or have never been released on vinyl), e-mail us your suggestions here.

Our soundtracks are sold in the At The Movies Shop, but all our record can be found in many record stores and online stores. Get in touch with your favourite record store and ask them to order your LP. Find a selection of European stores in our store locator! Or try an online search.

Our records are pressed at one of the best vinyl factories in the world based in The Netherlands.
Our mastering engineer has 40 years of experience cutting records for many major artists like Michael Jackson, Alan Parsons Project, Santana, Mother Love Bone, Stone Temple Pilots, Faith No More and many more.

You can let us know by filling in the request form or send a mail to request@musiconvinyl.com

Yes, we do. On our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages we run contests for some really cool stuff. 

Yes. We obtain official licenses from a wide range of copyright holders, whether it be major record companies or independent artists who own their own rights.

In our online catalog you can find upcoming releases by selecting the Upcoming filter. Follow us on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with our latest announcements, or sign up for our newsletter

Here! Ofcourse your e-mail address will stay confidential.

Send us an email on info@musiconvinyl.com and we will forward you to the appropriate distributor for your territory.

Limited (coloured) pressings are sold to record shops on a first come, first serve basis. The best advice we can give you is: become a regular visitor of a record store near you that sells Music On Vinyl and encourage them to keep you in mind when pre-ordering limited vinyl. And keep follow us on our Facebook and Instagram to be the first to know about new limited editions.

We use the best audio available to cut our records. We receive and use different kinds of masters: analogue tapes, original metal parts, lacquers cut from analogue tapes and high res digital files 192/96khz/24 bit. Music On Vinyl does not use CD's as masters.

Yes! We have our At The Movies Shop, which offers our soundtracks on vinyl. All other releases are not available here, please check online stores or your nearest record store for availability. Find your nearest store in our store locator!

1LP, 2LP, 4x7" etc = Number of units
BX = Box Set
GF = Gatefold sleeve
IN = Insert
4P, 8P... = 4 page insert / 8 page booklet... etc
PI = Printed Innersleeves
CD = Including CD
DL = Download card
RM = Remastered Audio

Sure we can. Send an e-mail to pr@musiconvinyl.com and we'll take it from there.

We've drawn up a nifty article that covers all bases of our record production, includingcutting the masters, galvanic processing, pressing the records, printing and folding the sleeves, packaging and quality control. Read the article here.

The image on our website is a mock-up and the colour is picked from the website of the pressing plant.

Standard colours: Light coloured vinyl can show spots or clouds, even if the press is cleaned prior to pressing.
Mixed colours: In the beginning of the run the record might turn out different than in the end of the run. There's not much we can do about it, the factory can't guarantee the outcome of the colours when we order a mixed colour. This can differ per mix, but also per batch of coloured vinyl.