Maxwell - MTV Unplugged
Catalog # : MOVLP137Format : LP, 180 gramReleasedate : 2010-10-31
Barcode : 8713748980450Sleeve : 3mm 

Side A

A1 The Suite Urban Theme (The Hush) (5:18)
A2 Mello: Sumthin' (The Hush) (3:05)
A3 The Lady Suite (4:20)
A4 This Woman's Work (4:17)

Side B

B1 Whenever Wherever Whatever (4:45)
B2 Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) (5:10)
B3 Gotta Get: Closer (7:17)
B4 Til The Cops Come Knockin' (3:07)*

* = bonustrack

In June 1997 Maxwell - at the height of his fame and celebrated as part of the holy trinity of neo-soul along with Erykah Badu and d'Angelo - returned to his hometown of New York to record for MTV's Unplugged. Thanks to his rendition of Kate Bush's 'This Woman's Work' and his own 'Whenever Wherever Whatever', this became one of the more legendary recordings of the series, earning him a Grammy nomination on the way. It showed that he was a more ambitious vocalist than many of his R'n'B contemporaries. Maxwell is silky smooth all the way from opening song 'The Suite Urban Theme' to the - all be it considerately cleaner - ' funky cover version of Nine Inch Nails' 'Closer'.

Especially for all those Maxwell fans out there, this 180 grams audiophile vinyl pressing contains the International (8-track) tracklisting, including an Unplugged version of his hit 'Till The Cops Come Knockin' that wasn't included in the original 1997 release on this side of the Atlantic, just to make sure that with this album 'you gonna be rockin' till the cops come knockin'!